I think this represents each of them perfectly.

Misha is like ‘what the fucking hell’
Jared’s a giant happy puppy moose hybrid that bleeds sparkles and rainbows and unicorns and his dimples
And Jensen conveys sass in it’s purest form by chewing gum

Jared is a human-Labrador hybrid of joy

this is important


 #okay so this is pretty much 100% professor longbottom right here #because you know neville would kind of end up being the cool professor without knowing it #he would be the ~war hero legend that wears hipster sweaters before they became popular and has a scottish accent #and would totally have sunglasses 1000% and would wear them when the were out on the grounds cataloging plant life around the lake #and would only wear his robes part of the time b/c it’s hard to tend to plants in full robes duh #and would have all these weird pieces of jewlery that he wears because he got them in some foreign country while researching cacti or something #professor longbottom: unintentional hogwarts heartthrob

Reblogging for tags alone




A water balloon full of mercury hitting the ground (X)


get out!

that’s one tough ass balloon
  • me witnessing the birth of my child: nice
  • Anonymous asked:
    It must be fun to be a rape apologists. Even in a case where the rapist admitted to the rape.. But I guess that's not evidence is it? Uh?

    I am getting tired of this bullshit, if you want to get me to believe that he is in fact a rapist come off anon and let us have a mature conversation, make me see it your way and don’t embarrass yourself with messages like this